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Ellinor was raised in Finland, but her desire to become a designer and craftsman led her to a university education in Kent, England. Ellinor was an eager student while taught the trades of jewellery design and silver– & goldsmithing.

Her jewellery design was often over-sized and made bold haute couture statements. She realized a love for creating metal pieces that appeared impossible to form seamlessly, and working on a scale where one could embrace the object.

After three years in the United Kingdom, employment opportunities brought her to Canada as a jewellery designer and goldsmith creating custom European–influenced jewellery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. During four years of creating predominately wedding jewellery she filled sketchbooks with ideas of dramatic fashion jewellery, luxurious but bold fine jewellery and modern silversmithing pieces, all whilst witnessing a lack of the unparalleled European contemporary forms' presence in Calgary.

In 2009 Ellinor started working on translating her sketches into tangible pieces to launch EVStenroos in 2010. A collaboration in October 2011 introduced 'EVStenroos for Lauren Bagliore' runway jewellery at LG Fashion week in Toronto, Ontario.

Highlights include collaborations with fashion designer Lauren Bagliore that brought a runway jewellery collection to the international fashion scene in 2011 at LG Fashion Week, as well as at the Mercedes-Benz national start-up final at World MasterCard Fashion Week in 2012, in Toronto, Canada.

EVStenroos has since its inception been featured nationwide in Fashion publications for outstanding jewellery design and in interior design publications for her unique silver flatware work.

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