Jewellery Guide

Caring for your custom made piece of jewellery is essential in order to maintain its lustre, brilliance and life-length. Any EVStenroos piece of jewellery comes with a life-time care package and can be maintained and cleaned as often as your busy life-style allows it. Certain care solutions can easily be undertaken by the owner in their own home, it is however good practice to have your jeweller check your jewellery on an annual basis in order to keep gemstones and diamonds safe and intact. Please find solutions and instructions below.

Cleaning Jewellery at Home

I quite often get asked about the ready-made cleaning solutions that you can purchase for maintaining your jewellery at home, and aside from removing tarnishing from sterling silver, you can easily clean your jewellery more sufficiently without specially purchased solutions.

Custom Designing an Engagement Ring

The experience of shopping for an engagement ring is daunting for most of us; it isn’t an area many have much experience in or even much knowledge of what to look for. There is an abundance of radio commercials, billboards and magazine ads that give us snippets of what to look for and why we should buy exactly their product; but what really separates all these pieces of jewellery from each other? What makes one diamond ring better than another?