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Being able to create the perfect custom designed piece of jewellery specifically for a client always goes closely hand in hand with learning to know the wearer; discovering how the owner wants to wear their jewellery, how it should feel to become a natural part of their life. With these stories EVStenroos shares the process from her perspective, as an insight into the relationships that forms between the designer maker and the wearer.

Daniel + Kimberly

first got to know Daniel over twitter. Through a series of tweets we also quickly realized we were neighbours, yet never met. Daniel emails me and writes he would like to propose to his girlfriend on their upcoming trip to New York, but the deadline is fast approaching.

Robbie + Ani

Robbie described Ani as a girl who loved vintage but with a contemporary twist to it. He had found a link that she had shown interest in and this was the base of the design idea...but at the same time he wanted to put my design skill to work. Robbie wanted to marry the vintage with the subtly funky.

Pia-Maria + Peter

Pia-Maria and Peter met through mutual friends in their late-teens and in their early twenties they decided to make the commitment and promise to each other that they were to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. In Finland it is common practice that the couple decide together to get engaged and they will together go choose rings which normally are plain yellow gold bands, or with a discreet pattern or metal colour contrast.