About E.V. Stenroos

Meet Ellinor Stenroos of E.V. Stenroos. Ellinor is a contemporary jewellery designer, artist, silversmith and goldsmith – creating custom, handcrafted pieces in her design studio, E.V. Stenroos, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

With every piece of exquisitely designed jewellery that Ellinor Stenroos makes, she creates a mesmerizing impact.

“I create pieces of art, rather than just jewellery. I am creating something that can be handed down through generations,” says Ellinor Stenroos of E.V. Stenroos. “You’re not just purchasing a beautiful item that signifies an occasion. It’s more than a commodity. It’s a beautiful keepsake that will bring you joy when looking at it, that you can be part of designing, and with that, you’re creating treasures.”

Ellinor works with a Scandinavian design influence from her Finnish roots – creating custom fine jewellery, commissioned objects of art and functional tableware using clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic. E.V. Stenroos pieces are built to become a legacy – whether it’s sought- after E. V. Stenroos engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings or necklaces, in high-karat gold or platinum.

Since its inception in 2010, E.V. Stenroos been featured in numerous publications including British VOGUE, The Kit and Fashion Magazine for outstanding jewellery design and contemporary silver flatware work, and has won multiple awards for original and unique work.

Ellinor has been recognized nationally and internationally for her luxurious, high-quality statement pieces and remarkable flair. Ellinor’s use of clean lines and architectural integrity appeals to those confident in their style, who want to be part of creating something completely unique and utterly memorable.

“Being trusted to capture and create an important part of someone’s story, in the form of a meticulously crafted piece of art — to either wear or adorn from a distance — is an honour I am endlessly humbled by and forever grateful to be trusted with.” – Ellinor Stenroos

Ellinor’s last name ‘Stenroos’ translates from her Swedish speaking Finnish first language into ‘Stone Rose’ in English.


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