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“I’m given the privilege to create wearable pieces of art, treasures that become family heirlooms,” says Ellinor Stenroos of E.V. Stenroos. “Knowing that I can capture a moment and an emotion – that the client relives and remembers every time they look at that piece of jewellery or silverware that I’ve designed and made – is an incredible honour.”

Born and raised on a small family farm in Ostrobothnia, Finland, Ellinor grew up immersed in the arts—expressing herself through song, music, drawing, painting and woodworking.

Knowing the importance of finding your voice and expressing your ideas, Ellinor was also intensely involved in youth politics and advocacy, which led her to the Parliament of Finland in 2000. Though Ellinor’s fascination and desire to create with her hands grew more vital and saw her focus shift to evening silversmithing classes in Nykarleby, Finland, followed by a university education at the Kent Institute of Art & Design in England in 2002.

Ellinor was an eager student in learning the principles of modern jewellery design and classical silversmithing and goldsmithing techniques, earning her Bachelor of Arts with First-Class Honours in 2005. While completing her studies, Ellinor developed a dramatic yet simplistic approach to jewellery and gained extensive knowledge for constructing her own designs. During her time in Kent, Ellinor fully realized her loved for creating intricate metal pieces with clean, seamless lines – winning several prestigious awards in the Goldsmith’s Craft & Design Council’s annual competition.

Ellinor continued to follow her passion, moving from the United Kingdom to Canada in 2005. Ellinor began working as a jewellery designer and goldsmith, creating custom pieces for weddings and running a local design studio and storefront in Calgary, Alberta.

With her extravagant and luxurious sketches in-hand and a dream to start her own design studio, Ellinor launched E.V. Stenroos in 2010, focusing on bold, fine jewellery and contemporary silver art objects with an authentic modern European influence.
The first decade of E.V. Stenroos saw hundreds of exquisite jewels, corporate silver sculptures and tableware, fashion accessories, and contemporary jewellery art brought to life, garnering praise and industry accolades across North America and Europe.

Career-defining milestones include collaborations with fashion designer Lauren Bagliore, which brought a runway jewellery collection to the international fashion scene at the 2011 LG Fashion Week and the Mercedes-Benz national start-up final at the 2012 World MasterCard Fashion Week. Ellinor’s work was exhibited solo at DaDe ART & Design Lab in 2013 and together with contemporary painter Danielle Bartlett in 2015. E.V. Stenroos was invited to participate in Leah Van Loon’s curated ‘Designed in Calgary’ highlight in Avenue Magazine with a custom piece created exclusively for the feature in 2017.

E.V. Stenroos has been featured for outstanding jewellery design and unique silver flatware work in fashion, interior design and mainstream publications around the world, including British Vogue, EnRoute Magazine, Western Living, The Globe and Mail and Westjet Magazine, to name a few. In 2019, E.V. Stenroos won ‘Reader’s Choice’ in Avenue Magazine’s first annual ‘Made in Alberta’ competition with the iconic ‘Bird’s Nest ring’ design. In 2021, Avenue Magazine recognized E.V. Stenroos as Calgary’s Best Wedding Jewellery.

“I have always loved creating beautiful things, and my passion for my craft started as a little girl combining beads and buttons from my mother’s craft kit with washers and binding wire in my father’s workshop.

My desire to create was always encouraged, and that support is why I took a chance on a career in design and ultimately became a jeweller and silversmith. This was a bold decision for someone who grew up on a rural farm in a rather barren climate, but I believe it was an invaluable foundation for my design aesthetic!
I continue to find nothing but joy in creating beautiful jewellery pieces, keepsakes and commemorative artwork for people. I am so grateful to be entrusted with the task of capturing the essence of my clients — infusing their style, dream and vision in a piece that will bring them happiness for years to come.

There is an indisputable, pristine richness to well-made jewellery and silverware, which is why I strive to create pieces of the finest quality that my clients and the work itself deserve.

Jewellery and silverware can be among some of the utmost indulgent treats. Still, I believe, from time to time, that there are occasions, achievements and milestones deserving of a celebration beyond an off-the-rack commodity.
I often liken the process of creating a custom design for a client to the process of sitting for a portrait. The more I get to know my clients, the better I can curate and create for them. As happy as I am to source ‘ready-made’ pieces of jewellery, building relationships with clients and the connections that follow are the true treasures.

Being trusted to capture and create an important part of someone’s story, in the form of a meticulously crafted piece of art — to either wear or adorn from a distance — is an honour I am endlessly humbled by and forever grateful to be trusted with.”

– Ellinor V. Stenroos

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